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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award

Aero le Plane - Sunny Face

Company Name: Lysia Marcomm Limited
Designer(s): Angie Wong
Company Website: www.lysia.com.hk

With the fast growth of leisure travel in recent years, airline industries need to create a close bonding with these growing market segment. Traditional scale aircraft model is always the top of mind gift idea for airline industries. Traditional scale aircraft model gives people the feeling of high quality with advanced technology, thus deriving assurance to passengers. With the growing of leisure travel among family and friends, people are looking for fun / happy / memorable moments shared with the loved ones. Therefore, we come up with the idea of "Sunny Face" plane series which carries the characteristics of being friendly, cheerful, sun shinning and happy. This product is designed to act as a souvenir to memorise the fantastic feeling during the travel. The design can be widely applied to different personal items, clients can choose the one that fits their personal needs.