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Act Smart to Get Early Bird Discount

To celebrate early for the coming Lunar New Year, Hong Kong Smart Design Awards (HKSDA) Team cordially presents “Early Bird Discount" to you.

To get $300 off, please upload product information onto your HKSDA online account on or before 27 Jan (this Friday). The more product groups you have applied for, the greater the deal is.

Don't miss this golden chance to have a prosperous start ahead of the New Year!

Entrant Group

Early Bird Discount
(Valid on or before 27.1.2017)

Regular Rate

Corporate Group

HK$500 per product group

HK$800 per product group

Conceptual Group -
Student Division


(1 to3 Entries)

Conceptual Group - 
Creative Individual


HK$ 300 
(1 to3 Entries)

- Each single design/product can only enter ONE product group, multiple submission will be withdrawn from consideration
- For Corporate Group, each company can submit 3 designs/products in each product group, i.e. maximum number of submitted entries is 33 (3 products x 11 product groups)
* All information are editable on the HKSDA system before submitting to us and the system will cut off all submission at 23:59 28-Feb, 2017