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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award

Foldable Tote Bag with Square EVA Hard Cover

Company Name: Travel Products Corporation Limited
Designer(s): Jackie Lau
Company Website: www.travelproducts.com.hk

Our design are heartful and in echo with the global attention to the "Environment Protection" concept. We are designing our bag to be practical and reusable for user. Our bag concerns the real needs of customer. Besides of serving the main function of daily carrying, it can be trendy, fashionable and sometimes convertible as well. The foldable function of the bag are smart and feasible for user especially when travelling and sporting. It is easy carry and multi-functional as well. The unique feature of our product is self-expressing item which represent and promote the unique Corporate image of Life and Style concept besides of their commercial purpose. For the user, they carry and enjoy our bag result from the smart choice of the corporation decision for choosing our product. Our world is getting better and better if we know how to choose the right product for us. Save our World.