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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award

Measure Spaghetti with Belt

Company Name: Lee Yuen Housewares Co. Ltd.
Designer(s): Danny Chung
Company Website: www.lyh.co

This product is for heath diet customers. In the market, spaghetti measurers have several sizes of holes for corresponding different amount of spaghetti portions, which may make the product more bulky. Most people are trying to eat healthy and start to work out regularly. This spaghetti belt is to remind those users the larger spaghetti belt you are using, the more spaghetti you will be eating, the larger belt you will be using on your wraist as welll! This is to control how much you will eating in order to get fit and slim. Just cook the right amount for how much you will be eating. How to use: Consumers only need to select their prefered portions first and just simply pass the specific marking from end of belt to the slot, then the prefered amount of spaghetti for selected portion can be formed. We make use of the flexibility of silicone and food safety, trendy colour instead of raw material color (metal) was adopted. No specific holes were formed first for this product which make it in better apperance. Much space can be saved and a decoration can be acted in kitchen. Easy to clean. Dishwasher safe. This item gives our customer another side of our company. Most of our products are always designed for improving preparation efficiency and safety issue. And now, we have a product series for health diet customers! Be natural, be organics!