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HKSDA 2020 - Student Division Results Announcement Updated Date: 04.06.2020 Student Division - Results Announcement More
HKSDA 2020 Results Announcement Updated Date: 04.06.2020 Conceptual Group & Kick-Start Project Division - Results Announcement More
Ambiente Frankfurt Fair 2020 Updated Date: 27.05.2020 More
German Design Award 2020 Updated Date: 13.03.2020 More
HKSDA 2020 - Important Announcement Updated Date: 24.02.2020 More
SOLUTIONS at Ambiente 2020 Updated Date: 05.02.2020 More
HKSDA 2020 Seminar was successfully held! Updated Date: 31.10.2019 HKSDA 2020 Seminar was successfully held on 30 Oct 2019! Over 80 participants joined the event. More
HKSDA Seminar 2020 Updated Date: 21.10.2019 How to Sail to New Market with the Power of Biz Opportunity More
To get international exposure from HKSDA! Updated Date: 21.10.2019 More
Splendid Moment : 2019 Awarded Roving Exhibition @... Updated Date: 11.07.2019 More
Application Closed Updated Date: 27.02.2019 More
Ambiente Trip Updated Date: 15.02.2019 More
Solutions at Ambiente 2019 Updated Date: 27.11.2018 More
HKTC & TMHK act as Co-Partner for collaborating To... Updated Date: 01.11.2018 More
POPUP HK Smart Designs Concept Store @HK Wine & Di... Updated Date: 09.10.2018 More
AI PopSquare kiosks Updated Date: 21.09.2018 More
Splendid Moment : 2018 Awarded Roving Exhibition @... Updated Date: 21.09.2018 More
HKSAR Chief Executive (Mrs. Carrie Lam, GBM, GBS) ... Updated Date: 14.09.2018 More
Business Matching Updated Date: 26.06.2018 More
10.04.18 HKTDC Press Conference Updated Date: 10.04.2018 More
Wine & Dine Festival Press Conference Updated Date: 02.10.2017 New Partnership : Smart Design Award X Wine & Dine Festival 2018 More
Review and Look Forward Updated Date: 11.08.2017 Thank you very much for your support and participation for HKSDA 2017. Let's take a look at some of the highlights. More
HKSDA Awarded Product "Volosano micSTICK" @Indiego... Updated Date: 24.07.2017 HKSDA 2017 Gold Awardee of Creative Individual - "Volosano micSTICK" has been put on Indiegogo as a new campaign for crowdfunding. More
HKSDA 2017 - Time to Show Glamor of Hong Kong Desi... Updated Date: 14.06.2017 Awarded products of HKSDA2017 are making their public debut at Times Square, Zero Carbon Building and Giftex (Tokyo, Japan) More
Rainbow Chopping Board has been chosen as one of t... Updated Date: 09.02.2017 It will be displayed at the foyer of Hall 4.0 Ambiente Frankfurt with other 27 outstanding products. More
Kick-off Seminar is successfully held! Updated Date: 09.12.2016 Over 70 participants joined the event. Speakers have shared their experiences and insights based on the theme of “Design x Strategy x Technology” More