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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award


Company Name: Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI)
Designer(s): Leung Kai Hay Sunny 梁啟晞
Company Website: sunnylkh2719@gmail.com

This design call HOMEY which renamed form Home and Key = HOMEY, in Chinese(家匙好)匙(key) is replace 是(is) sound in Chinese , and rename design家匙好 because I hope design can message home is the best place to relax after busy or something , using design(push the key out) who will make “GOOD” hand gesture , symbol responses’家匙好'Home Is Good. For convenience customers easy keep keys, avoids something slash by keys, and use the keys by hand, so I design this product and the product is a little keys saving case. The Key used in case all will redesign body of key is elements of design. Target recipients for my design around 23-35 ages, because they have economic strength, like pursuit trend items and easy to accept new item.