'Mag-Ssage' Cloud

Company Name: Pegeo Co. Ltd.
Designer(s): Ms. Peggy Chen Hoi-yan
Company Website: www.pegeo.com.hk

Our product name "Mag-ssage" was formed by merging the sounds and meanings of 'magnet' and 'message'. As the name implies, our wall hangable "Mag-ssage" cloud is designed to use with the tailor-made button magnets for people to hold their sweet words and photos anywhere they like, not only on your fridge! Say bye to cork boards too! Our cloud design uses magnets for photo holding and avoids push pins which leave holes in your precious photos. Every "Mag-ssage" cloud is unique as they are handmade from our original fabric print, making it feel like a wall art for people who loves to add functionality and style to their modern home design. The chic playful concept of 'Mag-saage' cloud extends the use of our fabric print design to a new gadget market in addition to tote bags and home textiles.