Memo Tape 寄錄帶

Company Name: 新永明實業有限公司
Designer(s): 黃婕(HUANG JIE); 趙敬強(CHIU KING KEUNG )
Company Website: www.sunwingming.com.hk

Our target recipient is tourists. Every year, there are massive tourists visit Hong Kong, and they spent a considerable money on souvenirs/gifts. Most of the tourists like to send postcards for recording unforgettable moment during travelling. Now, we provide an alternative media for them to record the moment by using their voice with simple gadget and post it to friends easily with user friendly package. As "Sound" is more dynamic and touching, the recipient could feel the same circumstance as the sender did. Moreover, some signature sound have been be pre-recorded such as produced by unique public transportation. We Hope this could help to promote Hong Kong to the people who have not been Hong Kong before. In the pass, our company concentrated our business in toys OEM area. Now we would like to diversify our business to OBM product. We hope this product could help in first step and get the public awareness.