Acquaintance with Soap Series 粮道 - 禾道 •米

Company Name: Run 2 Tree Studio
Designer(s): Ms. Ngai Si Man Winnie, Mr. Cheung Chun Lam Eric
Company Website: run2tree.com

There are many factors that determine the contentment when using soap. Aroma, bubbly, cleansing, condition, percentage content, the flavours or ingredient inside… In coming up with a new soap concept, we turned out attention not to such factors, but to the “Experience” of soaping. We wanted users to enjoy the inspiring and experiencing moment of soap. Based on this idea, HK Soap’s “Acquaintance with Soap” series comes across with a number of tools that we frequently use in our daily life. Our “soap pencils” accomplish with a number of food residual like rice chaff, and soya drag that vary in efficacy, and you can use the special “soap planer” or “soap sharpener” which comes with our box to grate soap for lave. Food residuals, wooden chips and pencil filings are usually the unwanted remains of cooking, sawing and sharpening, but in this case, they’re the star!