DNA+ Coaster Set

Designer(s): MR WONG VINCENT
Company Website: http://www.nudesign.com.hk/

A creative and whimsical deliverance of design and function! DNA inhabits in all known living organisms and is essential to all forms of life. Designer captured the true essence of the DNA molecule and its ability to intertwine and bond together into our DNA+ Coaster Set. Materials were carefully selected from product to packaging to reinforce Designer’s mission to create products with a strong environmental concern. Made from 100% eco friendly and biodegradable CORK SKIN + RECYCLED LEATHER, the DNA+ comes in a set of 4pcs with a recycled transparent PP box. Individual coasters can be used on its own or coiled around each other to form larger surfaces in different shapes and links to accommodate Pots and Plates. The CORK SKIN surface is heat resistant while RECYCLED LEATHER surface is water friendly. The DNA+ is target to anyone at any age who appreciate simple and unique design . With its endless creative combinations and easy customized branding, the DNA+ should be well received for both Retail and Corporate Gifts sectors and can help our company to start venturing into the large Houseware and Homes Gifts market.