MingCha Tea & Chocolate Pairing Kit 明茶房中國茶配朱古力禮盒

Company Name: MingCha Limited
Designer(s): Ms. Vivian Mak 麥蕙蘭;Ms.Zowie Wong 王貝鈴
Company Website: www.mingcha.com

MingCha Tea & Chocolate Pairing Kit-For sophisticated and adventurous minds 明茶房中國茶配朱古力禮盒-中西合璧的味覺演繹 Tea is traditionally consumed for digesting dim sums and Chinese cuisines. We try to put tea into a different context - Tea & Chocolate! Believe it or not, once tried, you will be amazed how well they match. Modern generations like to explore new taste and these sets will surely satisfy their curiosity. There is a series of 3 pairing kits: Jasmine green tea x 70% dark chocolate Red tea x white or milk chocolate Oolong tea x curry and Ancho Chili Each kit is designed to create taste and sensational experience for everyone. Each kit comes with step by step information leaflet. 一盅兩件,茶是上茶樓必備的,有消化解膩的功效。這系列產品是將茶打破傳統匡匡,配以朱古力,讓人耳目一新。給好奇、喜歡探索、追求生活的人士帶來驚喜、一試難忘,為繁忙的都市生活帶來活潑的調劑。