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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award

Right Hands

Company Name: Hong Kong Design Institute
Designer(s): Leung, Lee Ka
Company Website: nikaleung@hotmail.com

Teenagers are the target recipients of the gift I designed. The gift is trendy so it is more acceptable among teens. First of all, this is a winder for headphones. Listening to music in contemporary society is a common part of lots of people. Many people will just throw their headphones into their bags after using them. So I want to make this tool to easy our daily life. I design the gift as hands because hands are the body parts which we often have contact with others. The two hands are holding together just like two guys supporting each other to attain an achievement. Besides, each finger contains a different meaning. The fingers signify different important people in our lives; with thumbs representing parents, index fingers representing siblings, middle finger representing ourselves, ring fingers representing husband or wife, and the little fingers representing grandchildren. All these important people are those who always help us and support us in our life. They always stand by us so that we can stay strong. This gift can be displayed on phones. This can remind not to forget loving and caring for these people.