Stephen Fung: The Dreammaker and Magician

Exchanging business cards is one of the most basic meeting etiquettes, but now let’s figure out the problems behind the paper card in your hands... I believe you can list several points very shortly, "First, will your business partners really save all the contact details? Second, is it environmentally friendly? Third, how many business cards are wasted due to personnel changes?” said Stephen Fung, the co-founder of NFC Touch.

Right Thing at the Right Time
Noticing the shortcomings of paper business cards, NFC Touch launched the touchless card about half a year ago. A touchless card allows the exchange of contact details with a tap by smartphones, eliminating the needs of manual input.

Designers create dreams for people and deal with problems people may have long noticed, but never realized that there can be solutions. “I like to hear users ask: ‘Why wasn’t there this product before?’ It means I have met the needs of the moment. I have done the right thing at the right time,” said Stephen.


New Normal, New Inspirations
NFC (Near-field Communication) is not a new technology. That’s actually what makes your Octopus cards work. Stephen is just like a magician who generates new designs by something unnew: touchless cards, O2O Pets Platform, memory watches...

"Just like smartphones, they wouldn't be popular 20 years ago because the internet is too slow. The world is constantly changing, and there may be new inspirations every day," he seizes the opportunity at the dawn of the era of artificial intelligence. Capturing the new normal is his key to success, and most likely the prime principle in future design.

Stephen Fung
Founder, NFC Touch
Stephen Fung is a tech entrepreneur with a decade of successful experience with IoT and Authentication Technology. Stephen specializes in NFC technology and is obsessed with innovating new IoT solutions that transform both products and businesses. Clients include Huawei, Swire Group, KAWS, VTC and Manulife. A strong believer in the best way to predict the future is to create it. 


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