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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award

2014 The Year of Horse Calendar

Company Name: Urban Air Design Limited
Designer(s): Chris Ng; Clement So; Stanley Or
Company Website: www.urbanairdesign.com

As the year of horse 2014 was approaching, Urban Air Design Ltd., a Hong Kong-based design company, aimed to produce a creative corporate gift for our clients. Then we came up with the idea of using the horse to produce a desktop calendar, which is functional yet meaningful to tie-in the theme with the year of horse. To enhance the visual impact, we designed 12 horses with eye-catching colors and shapes. We also introduced 12 meaningful Chinese characters representing different horse type for the character, which demonstrates the profound Chinese culture in a creative way. 2014 is the year of horse in Chinese culture. This creative desktop calendar features a series of 12 horses representing 12 distinctive Chinese characters. Each Chinese character has a special meaning and represents a unique type of horse with exclusive color and characteristics. With the creative paper structure and the eye-catching designed horse this calendar can be an interesting display in your office or at home. May wish this calendar will bring prosperity, good health and many good fortunes to the recipients throughout the year. We would like to adopt the tradition Chinese culture into our design in this project, therefore in the research stage we searched through Chinese history, The Book of Changes ("I Chin"), the Ancient Chinese military guide book, Chinese poem, paintings , songs and many other books. Finally we got what we want in the Chinese dictionary. We also did a lot of online research to study the form of the horse, the paper structure and some information was our inspirational source in design direction. We got many positive feedbacks from our clients, saying that it was quite fun with a calendar that they can actually use it, display it and can also learn something from it- the 12 characters and the corresponding color and pattern of the horses. We found that it was quite difficult to adapt the tradition Chinese cultural elements into our design. It was because most of the elements have strong visual identities that are not easy to mix with modern design philosophy. Therefore we put a lot of effort in choosing a suitable cultural element that can transform into an attractive visual. Luckily, we found and picked the 12 Chinese characters in the Chinese dictionary that delivered the message very well and made us achieved our goal. We also tried very hard in developing the calendar structure. There were rounds of modifications, from a complicated form into a simple structure, and to a more user-friendly structure. Our team enjoyed very much in this design project and our clients were satisfied with the outcome. We are so proud that our design will stay on someone’s desktop. May wish this calendar will bring prosperity, good health and many good fortunes to the recipients throughout the year.