Organizer, Background & Mission


    • To encourage OEM to ODM and OBM transformation
    • To build Hong Kong as an Asia design product sourcing hub
    • To nurture design talents
    • To enhance awareness of Hong Kong smart design in locally & internationally


Chairman's Remarks

The Hong Kong Smart Design Awards (HKSDA) has been devoted to unveil the brilliance of Hong Kong original design to the world and encourage local manufacturers and exporters to reform business strategy in attaining “Design x Strategy x Technology = Smart Business” since 2012.
Marching to its 13-year milestone, HKSDA has become an industrial signature event among local sectors including gifts, product design and procurement and built renowned reputation of its quality among overseas buyers through an a spectrum of local and oversea activities catering for both B2B and B2C, i.e. trade fairs to reach out buyers, roving exhibition in shopping malls or community to raise public’s awareness of HKSDA.
Over the years, HKSDA keeps its dynamic momentum by the expansion of eligible product category from Gifts to Home & Houseware (launched in 2017 edition) and Toys & Games (launched in 2020 edition). It aims at further extending the beneficiaries to enlarge the pool of design talents to be nurtured to achieve the ultimate goal “Brand Hong Kong as the most influencing Design Force in Asia”.
Eric Sun
The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association

Advisory Committee

Mr. Eric Sun

Chairman, The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association

Mr. Benson PAU

Honorary Chairman, The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association
Honorary Advisor, HKSDA

Ms. Helena Chiu

Vice Chairman, The Hong Kong Exporters' Association,
Project Convenor, HKSDA

Ms. Alice Lai

Vice Chairman, The Hong Kong Exporters' Association,
Advisory Committee Chairs, HKSDA

Mr. Peter Poon

GC Member, The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association

Mr. Roger Ngan

GC member, The Hong Kong Exporters’ Association

Mr. Bryant Chan

Chairman, Hong Kong Toys Council (HKTC),
Co-Partner, HKSDA

Mr. Samson Ko

President, The Toys Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong Limited (TMHK), Co-Partner, HKSDA

Ms. May So

Director, Spectrum House Limited

Dr. Lay Lian Ong

Principal , Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI), Co-Partner, HKSDA

Ms. Kinoshita Mui

Chairman, Hong Kong Designers Association,
Co-Partner, HKSDA

Ms. Isabella Chow

Programme Director, DFA Awards & Design Exchange, Hong Kong Design Centre, Co-Partner, HKSDA

Mr. Marco Li

Managing Director, Propagate Intellectual Property Ltd.,
Co-Partner, HKSDA