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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award

Papa Tea Strainer

Company Name: Zan's Global Ltd.
Designer(s): Kuo, Hsin Yau
Company Website: www.zansglobal.com

2- “Papa” Tea Strainer – The whole design concept is by making use of the image of mustachios which can generically refer to a father. With visual modification of the shape of mustachios, the image becomes a happy and spry imagery of a promising Papa who is always amiable and agreeable. SO the product collection is name “Papas say yes”. The bulging mustachio image is practically made to have tea leaves put inside as a functional strainer, made of LFBG grade silicone. The animated image of the 2 curly ends of the mustachios are flexible that one side can be put into a cup for tea straining whilst the other end can scramble by the edge of a cup as a stabilizer. There are effective holes along the embossed wavy lines that flow along the curls of the mustachios for performance tea filtering. This product incorporate the deluge fashion of mustache and yet giving a practical function to it. Available in different vibrant colors, Papa Tea Strainer is surely a stunning gift for all people who enjoy lives with little details out of the ordinary life pattern.