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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award


Company Name: Bestselling Limited
Designer(s): May Hui
Company Website: www.bebeenergy.com

Better safe than sorry. You cannot imagine how you regret to neglect the preparation of accident. You will also regret not to have a power bank when your smartphone has no energy. Why don't we combine the power bank and safety functions together? Powerguard is designed specifically for saving you from accident. Our power banks can keep your phone on which is important to call for help in emergency. Hammer can break the window of vehicles in life-threatening situations. Blade is integrated into the hammer, so that you can cut through your seatbelt and rope easily. Emergency Light can draw the attention from others to save your life. Our target customers are road-users and camping-lovers. Both of them are at high risk exposure to accident. Road-users can use it in case of traffic accident. And camping- lover can use it as distress signal light and emergency tools.