Company Name: Graphic Guides Design Company
Designer(s): Gray Leung
Company Website: www.c-for-carbon.com

1. All level, especially for house-wife. 2. House-wife usually shopping at super-market and cooking at home. This is a eco-friendly items which can seal the poly-bag. 3. As for recycling for the beverage PET bottle. One of the procedure is taking out the bottle cap since the cap is not make with PET, and the cap can not be recycle. Customer can use the cap with our product to use as a poly bag sealer. Also our product can use as a bottle opener. This will full re-use of the bottle cap and poly bag. We use silicone is becuase silicone can hold wide temperature from -5 to 250°C. 100% recycle + 100% safe idea. 4. Deliver re0use and multi use of all disposable items. 5. We make the Cap&Seal with bright color to increase eye-catching. 6. To increase the recycle images of our business.