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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award

Hang TWOgether

Company Name: Hong Kong Baptist University
Designer(s): Nichola Cheng, Nga Man
Company Website: nicheng0422@gmail.com

The concept of “Hang TWOgether” comes from a poetic scene in the well-known film, Brokeback Mountain. Two shirts hang together on a same hanger, Jack’s denim shirt tenderly hidden inside Ennis’s shirt. “The pair is like two skins, one inside the other, two in one.” This product consists of two hangers, one hollow and one solid hanger combing together. It is a double hanger which, one hanger can be separated from the middle part of another one as two hangers to use. Not only brining out the concepts of a queer relationship, but just as important, the greatness of love, that two people becoming one. Relating to a memorable monologue "Jack, I swear", which leaves an open-ended message to the audience, it is a commitment, a promise, and a confession, as a gift for each other.