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Company Name: Hong Kong Baptist University
Designer(s): --
Company Website: 12203580@LIFE.HKBU.EDU.HK
“Once upon a time, there is a little house, next to the house there is a tree, right behind the house there is a mountain…” I dare to say, we all have drawn a familiar painting in childhood. On a paper, you must put a little cabin surrounded by trees. Necessary, a huge mountain would also stand firmly at the back. Never will I recognize that children have a clash of idea in drawing, but implement their same dream on the paper. However, when days passed, people’s mind changed. A house and beautiful nature cannot satisfy us. We pursue wealth, statue, power or more blindly. Simultaneously, we lose the initial dream, the one represents things we really need. I believe, everyone has a child inside. But, sometimes, we forget. Thus, back to basic, I extracted those sceneries in stitching and turned them into accessories. I hope these ornaments can help us to retrieve our simple dreams.
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