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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award

Hong Kong's Premium Rose Liquor

Company Name: 1.618 Limited
Designer(s): Gianluca Cinquepalmi; Adrienne Chan
Company Website: www.brandnaissance.org

The iconic Hong Kong Rose Liquor was designed for cultural lovers, regardless of being local Chinese, expats or tourists in Hong Kong. Began with a passion to revamp a heritage Hong Kong brand, we initiated the Brandnaissance campaign and the Rose Liquor is our first project. Each country or city has their own representative wine or liquor. We aim at bringing this quality liquor to be our ambassador. The liquor box is designed in pentagonal shape which recalls the Hong Kong Floral emblem Bauhinia. The paper bag tied with dried weed delivers a vintage feeling of the brand. We believe that quality products deserve an appealing image which express their quality. With the current design, we changed its perception from a cooking liquor to premium gift, a 10 times increase in value from retail price HK$32 to a $320.