Magic Eco Bag

Company Name: Hoi Lee Enterprise (China) Limited
Designer(s): CK Wong
Company Website: www.hoilee.com

This product is designed for all general consumers, including people who will go shopping or buy things at supermarket, car users, and people who have outdoor activities. This product has multiple functions, so that it's target recipients are relatively wide. My design concept is reusable and have more functions so that it can be used more frequently. This product, the magic ego bag, isn't only an eco-bag, it's also a sunshade to use in car, and because it reflects heat, it is also an effective cooler bag, and it can easily use as table mat, or picnic mat. this eco-bag, when unfolded, and become a sunshade, it has a full big area for printing logo or artworks; it's very suitable for cooperate gift, including car dealers, gas stations, supermarkets, and other retailers or shopping malls.