Mr . Michael Chan

Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) ,
Head of Academic Development

Michael Chan graduated in the University of Hong Kong. He opened his architectural firm –EDGE Architects Limited at 1997 and Edge Gallery Ltd.. Now Mr. Michael Chan is the Head of Academic Development of Hong Kong Design Institute, he is also the Head of Department for Communication Design and Digital Media and Director of HKDI Design Thinking Team. Besides practicing as a Registered Architect, gallery owner and educator, he is the Vice Secretary General of Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations.
With respects to awards, the companies won more than twenty awards in local and international competitions. He, himself, has won the first runner-up in 25th Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition, Tokyo in 1990, special interest prize in Mimar International architectural Design Competition VII, London in 1992 and Honorable Mention Nara/Toto World Architectural Triennale in Tokyo in 1992. He has also been selected as one of the ten Young Architects in Hong Kong in 1996 and in 1998 respectively.
His essays were published locally and internationally including Japan, Singapore and Vienna. Those topics include ‘Map to Nowhere’, ‘Sand Pile City’ and ‘Thinking of Hong Kong people’. He also participates as the Panel Speaker in different conferences such as in IAA Symposium, Osaka; AsiaGSD, Harvard University; A.A.Asia Workshop, Malaysia; Tsinghua University, Beijing and DESIGNTODAY, Japan. Moreover, he participated in the Exhibition of ‘City on the Move’, ‘Painting Hong Kong’ at Hong Kong, ‘Environmental Design Charrette’ at Zhongshan, PRC and ‘Serving and Shaping Hong Kong’ at Hong Kong. In 2000, Michael was selected at one of the participants in the La Biennale di Venezia Exhibition 2000, Venice, Italy.