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Simon Robin — Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2017 — Hong Kong

Simon Robin, a Hong Kong based French architect, has won the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2017 organised by the Hong Kong Exporters’ Association (HKEA). When he first came to Hong Kong, he searched everywhere for gifts truly representing the beauty of Hong Kong but failed. He therefore decided to create his own one and luckily the collection was very popular, especially amongst expats in Hong Kong. His creation clearly shows Hong Kong has its own unique attractions in the eyes of foreigners like himself. With no previous background in production, building connection with reliable manufactures and suppliers were the most difficult challenge for him. Thanks to the award, Simon has a chance to exhibit his products in Hong Kong Design Gallery and other overseas exhibitions, broadening his network with other potential clients and people in the same camp. Sponsored by the HKEA, he is invited to join the up-coming world prestigious trade show “Ambiente, Frankfurt”!!

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Featured HKSDA 2017 Awardee:
Simon Robin