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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award


Company Name: Wah Fook Holdings Ltd.
Designer(s): Jaman Lam; Paul Poon, Sai Kit
Company Website: www.pen-plus.com

Ballpoint Pen, Stylus Pen, USB flash drive, they have something in common: they help us record data on paper and digital devices. Both media are so important in our daily life. So, we want to combine them together and always bring it along with us. Limited by the size of USB flash, the traditional USB Pens are usually thick and bulky that the user do not like it. So, we started from merging the slim Pen body with the USB flash, and make it more streamlined. It looks great and with good hand writing feeling. With the easy capping system, it protect the tip and save the twist or push-action mechanism cost. This 3 in 1 function gadget provided with variety of color options. It is the perfect corporate gift for any occasion!