Product Name:
Castle Maze

Applicant Company:
Korean Corner Company Limited


Product Group:
Occasional & Festival

Designer: Hung Yeuk Sze 洪若詩, Chan Tak On 陳德安


More Detail

1. To paint / play / experience
2. To attract public & medias by using this world-class promotional product
3. To adopt environmental-friendly product

1. To create a product for different ages
2. To attract public & medias’ eyes
3. To get everyone involved for painting & playing & interactive
4. To promote corporate or organization image effectively
5. To keep HIGH safety standard
6. To make it as a functional product and high flexibility
7. To be compatible with GREEN-concept; to inspirit & influence others during their involvement
8. To make a“WOW”and world-class product and to avoid copycat

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