Product Name:
D.I.Y. Universal Photo-Frame Aerogramme - Back to Analog

Applicant Company:


Product Group:
Occasional & Festival

Designer: Kam Yat HUI


More Detail

An Aerogramme with Universal function of Photo-frame it can provide a home or office deco purpose and as a gift for V.I.P. and love one(s).

Photo-taking is a trendy habit nowadays, we love to use digital device. It is instant and easy to transfer but it is too digital. But something important or the moody color and texture digital image and panel cannot provide as photo-paper or instant film.

Therefore, Fujifilm and Polaroid keep expending their film market now and event Kodak is expending their film stock. Moreover, it is no point to scan or re-capture the photo-paper to digital format. people would love to sent the image by postage and write up their warm and love message by hand. It is a very warm and nice personal touch.

SO I design the aerogramme for them is an universal design for instant photo-paper and 2- 4R photography also fit for this aerogramme. The moment can deliever with person writing and the aerogramme is also a photo-frame, so my customers can buy one product and get two or more items at the same time with surprises.

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