Product Name:
Automatical control of flow color green color, oil, paint reel

Diana Ching


Product Group:
Creative Individual


More Detail

Guaranteed value Added:
30% manpower
less30% time consumed
less 30% usage of fluid used

No learning cure can be DIY item
No second time pollution( Environment protector)

*Guaranteed 30% flawless result (added picture-perfect)

* Create no more danger to the user if there is a leak somewhere in the linings or the paint storage.

*Improve paint technology
*Improve the shortage of paint workers
*create more jobs opportunities for
Disadvantaged community

* Be a DIY gift item, change painting jobs more fun and families harmonious activities

* A tool for artists

*The Best tool for Psychotherapist
********NO LEARNING CURE********
*Conservation better natural ecological environment to survivors

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