Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award

U-Dimmable 360º LED light bulb




Jason Lo 盧振南, Alise Lo 盧海玲


Embellished the atmosphere, created a wonderful visual comforts.

Retro and Nostalgia design.

Using the filaments with special color temperature and match with glass in amber color, adding 360 degree light illumination design, the light bulb can provide soft and reassurance lightness while it is being lighted. Nourishing the environment with retro and nostalgia feeling. When dimming down the lightness, can added an extra romantic veil to the atmosphere.

Other Attractive Point:
Universal Dimmable LED light bulb. It is suitable for Smart home dimming system(LE); Hotel MX512 dimming system(LE); Trailing/ Leading edge dimmer control.