Product Name:
Chillbar & Wine Markers Set

Applicant Company:
Gift Concept Products Limited

Home & HouseWare

Product Group:
Dining & Party

Designer: Maggie Chu 朱慧宇, Jennifer Ko 高桐斐, Stanley Cheung 張偉文


More Detail

- The wine cooler helps to keep the wine cool with additional functions: Chiller + Stopper + Pourer
- Wine glass markers is to identify your own wine glass

- Ready-to-use party set
- Chillbar provides a solution for people who can drink the whites or reds in ideal temperature till the last drop of the bottle, while the wine markers can identify different users' wine glasses.
- ChillBar can be used as a pourer and stopper so users do not have to pull out the ChillBar every time they want to fill the wine glass. The unfinished wine can be stored easily into the fringe by placing the stopper on top.

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