Product Name:
China Star Products (Trading) Ltd

Applicant Company:
China Star Products (Trading) Limited

Toys & Baby

Product Group:
Baby & Toddlers

Designer: Fredrica V Coats 費茲尼卡.高爾


More Detail

*Extra protection but easy changing *Great Adjustability for baby’s waist *Stay-Dry layer locks and wicks liquid away *Reusable or Disposable

*Patented-Pocket-Sling with elastic edge helps all kinds of pads to stay (reusable or disposable) but comfortably and easy changing, water-resistance but breathable material *Soft-Touch Tabs protects you and your baby with sharp *Reusable Pads: Stay-Dry top layer locks and wicks liquid away from baby’s delicate skin. Super-absorbent layers hold fluid in the fiber and absorbs heavy flow quickly *Disposable pad develop to save land-filled with less materials and lamination.

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