Product Name:
SPR-FIELD Sales Kit box

Applicant Company:
SPR.FIELD International Limited


Product Group:
Corporate Promotional Gifts

Designer: Sam Hui 許長泰, Daggie Tse 謝潔德


More Detail

• Sales promotional kit containing relevant information about the company and products.
• Book opening method allows easy access to the information and products.
• Easy at a glance, minimalize clutter, refined look.

• To design a feature packed, yet easy to carry all in one sales pack/ kit to enhance our company.
• Opening allows everything to be shown at once rather than have layers which we need to flip to gain access to.
• Individual slots sections on right side allow to place different types of monk fruit products - Natural & Organic monk fruit, Monk Fruit sweet teas and Monk Fruit sweet for cook and drinks use.

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