Product Name:
STone 8

Applicant Company:
Solar Tune Enterprise LTD


Product Group:
Baby & Kid

Designer: Lui Mung Ping 呂夢萍, Ka Keung Alex Chan 陳家強


More Detail

- A lovely Pet with 3 growing stages: infant, youth & adult, with her own characters.
- Good companion can share and play with, specially for kids and elderly.

Design concepts:
- A funny and adorable robotic pet who can drive out loneliness.
- Bringing funs, share emotion, playing and interactive with users as companion.
- Target users: Kids and Elderly
- In resonable price

Special features:
**- "E- Mirror" - An Emotional Mirror helping user to know yourself (specially kids). Well designed interactive behaviour to reflect user's emotions
- Parental System
- Humanised & A.I. responses
- Free APP/APK download (with Bluetooth)
- Connect to other Stone 8 (unlimited fun)

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