Product Name:
Cut N Carve Travel Candle

Applicant Company:
Candle Alchemy


Product Group:
Travel Companion

Designer: Po Ching Kwok 郭寶貞, Sonia Yuen 袁秀美


More Detail

-Scented Travel candle/ Tin candle
-US Soy candle 85g
-Burning time of around 20 hours
-Available in 4 fragrances

-The travel candles use US soy candles that is natural, give cleaner and longer burn than paraffin wax.
-Uses wooden wick which is reminiscent of cozy nights by a fireplace at home that anyone would envy
-Up-cycle the wax discs i.e. remnants from candle caving into scented soy candle
-One of a kind i.e. every candle tin has its unique wax disc pattern
-Allow customer to bring their favourite scent wherever you go.
-Perfect for setting the mood on a romantic getaway or make you feel more at home on a work trip.

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