Product Name:

Hau Yi Lok


Product Group:
Creative Individual


More Detail

- Twist the whisk : a twist switch function added at the end of the whisk
- The whisk able to roll up as a pole in order to enhance the ease of storage, place saving and prevent the wire head deformed when store in the drawer / kitchen stand
- All parts are able to disassembly for easy cleaning

- Whisk is an essential tool in the kitchen
while it occupies quite a lot of space in the drawer or stand & easy to deform by squeezing with other kitchen tools
-“TWISK”designed to solve the problem of traditional whisk with aesthetic enhancement
- Inspired by the twisted rainbow frosted cupcakes
“TWISK”contains a rotational silicone-coated wire head
- It allows user to simply twist at the end to slim down the whisk for easy storage & reduce the chance of wire deforming
- By twisting the switch, all parts are able to disassembly for easy cleaning
- Abandon the traditional image of metal wire whisk,“TWISK”play with the twisting of color which would like to bring some fun & colors into kitchen

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