Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award Outstanding Packaging Best Of The Year

Yi Dong


AOMM Creative Limited


1. Product packaging in hanging painting style
2. Enhance the collection & appreciation value of the product

1. Tea products are originated from the eastern & western side of the mountain, the duration of exposing under sunlight will be different, and therefore, the taste of tea will be different even they all come from the same mountain. To denote this idea, we use “Yin” & “ Yang” as our visual concept to highlight this feature of the product.

2. Simply use the contrast of black and white color and various combinations of dots, lines & plates to demonstrate the essence of simple aesthetic

3. Hanging painting is a brand new packaging idea for products with similar nature

4. Each set of product is composed of 8 small boxes, each box containing one Pu’er teacake; there are total 8 unbroken lines (Yin) & broken lines (Yang) visual on box covers. Each set of products is definitely representing a “Trigram” and people can compose a “Hexagram” if they have two sets of product.