Product Name:
Exlicon MX - Draw Without Boundary Design Tool

Applicant Company:
Ddiin Concept Ltd.


Product Group:
Office Supplies & Stationery

Designer: Pik-Shan LEE 李碧珊


The Exlicon MX is a versatile drawing compass, made up of a base and a set of wings. In view of the current compass and other drawing tools’ problems like having needles, easy to destroy the paper, no accurate scale, can draw shapes, single size, we made improvements. First, we used reusable nanosticker attached to the base to hold the disc and ruler to solve the problem of paper perforation. The difficulties of sharp tool are eliminated and our tools are more stable for drawing -- the Exlicon MX can draw more than 120 size of shaps without moving. At the same time, it is magnetic and can be connected to each other to form a superposition of radii ( from 10mm – 320mm) geometric shapes made by Exlicon MX can cover A0 size paper . Users can draw triangles, pentagons, hexagons, golden spirals, golden ratio and other shapes and sizes according to the special markings on the compasses.
A ruler can be used to cut circles without cutting through paper.
The compasses were marked with angles and graduated in both metric and Imperial system. A rolling measurement ruler supports different surfaces, a circumference of 20cm with measurements to the millimeter. Using the squares laser-engraved marking rather than lines to avoid measurement errors caused by the width of the lines. It can also be used as a protractor for drawing shapes with specific angles.
Exlicon MX is made of either stainless steel and aeronautical aluminium to improve durability and life cycle. It is manufactured by CNC machining which provides high accuracy and allows error-free drawings. Being compact in size and highly portable.

針對當前圓規工具都帶有針,容易毀壞紙張,沒有精確刻度,可繪製形狀、尺寸單一等問題。Exlicon MX是一款多功能繪圖圓規,由圓底、長尺及水滴形磁性尺組成。首先,採用可重複使用的納米貼紙黏貼在底座上,圓盤吸著畫紙同時,解決了紙張穿孔的問題,更具備了作圖時的高穩定性,在繪製多種形狀時都可以做到不移動。同時,尺子及圓盤具有磁性,可以互相吸著,尺子也可互相連接安裝,形成對半徑的疊加,可以叠加三根尺子,所畫的幾何圖形可以覆蓋A0大小的紙張。用家可以依據圓規上面的特別標記,繪製三角形,五角星,六邊形,黃金螺旋等多種形狀、可以畫多於120個不同同大小的圖案或有黃金比例的圖形。
圓規上增加了角度的標註,以及公制和英制兩種單位的刻度。 Exlicon MX還可以測量曲面的周長。圓規沿著曲線滾過,可以依據走過面或線測算曲線的周長(周長20厘米)。尺子的尺寸刻度由激光刻上,用方塊設計的刻度而非刻度線標註,避免了刻度線寬度造成的測量誤差,測量數據可以精確到毫米。採用不銹鋼及航空鋁材,有助提高耐用性和生命週期。產品的體積小。零件可拆及易安裝,方便攜帶。


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