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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award

Chessman 13th Anniversary Stationery Box Set

Company Name: Chessman Entertainment Production (HK) Limited
Designer(s): Aramis Yeung
Company Website: www.chessman.com.hk

Designed by our in-house designer, this stationery box set is a Christmas gift as well as it represents Chessman 13th anniversary. It consists of 8 kinds of stationery in different size boxes and they are put inside a square box, wrapped in black - not a traditional choice of color. The core messages embedded in this box set is ‘Based On Human’. For instance, a humanistic element is added on the note book. A phrase of ‘I want to be ____ in 13 years time’ is on its back cover. Receiver can fill in the blank with own wish. Hence, every Chessman note book carries wish of its owner. This gift set would become something tailored for the receiver, making it a ‘human’ thing. In the meantime, we hope that the receivers will feel confident about our design and they will agree less is more.