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Judge Award Green Award Technology Award Smart Aging Award


Company Name: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Designer(s): Lau, Ting Jui; Leung, Hiu Fung
Company Website: tingjuilau@hotmail.com

When it comes to business partnership, harmonious collaboration is important. Our design concept is inspired by a Chinese idiom, 以和為貴, harmony is precious. We apply this concept on chopsticks as it is originated in ancient China and it is the mildest cutlery among all. Comparing to other countries’ chopsticks, Chinese style’s chopsticks have the longest length. We emphases on the metaphor of collaboration and partnership since chopsticks cannot work separately. The auspicious clouds bring luck and blessing to the receiver which symbolizes a bright future between partners. Meanwhile, the circular form conveys a harmonious mood. The feature of our innovation is the chopsticks are locked together by a chopsticks stand which provides convenience and hygiene when carrying and using. Our target is corporate clients who want to build a harmonious relationship with their partners.