Prof. Wenqing Yang

Prof. Wenqing Yang                                                               
Associate Professor
College of Design & Innovation, Tongji University
Co-founder & General Manager, LOE DESIGN
Vice Chairman, Shanghai Industrial Design Association

1991 Industrial Design, Tongji University, China BE
2008 Experience Design, Konstfack, Sweden MA
Engaged in design education and design practice for over 25 years. As an associate professor of College of Design & Innovation, while teaching product design and experience design, Mr. Yang focuses on the product system integration design and user experience research and design.
Awarded China Top 10 outstanding industrial designers and design awards both domestic and overseas. Served as jury of IF Design Award China and speakers in Design Biennale,International Design Week, Honking business of Design Week, etc.
Mr. Yang dedicates himself to design with a philosophy of “Insight of Experience”, which means that design should meet the real needs and create value by the connection of user experience. From viewpoints of design management, design strategy and product planning,LOE DESIGN provides enterprises branding-oriented design solutions holistically and systematically by merging design into enterprises’DNA as a cooperative tools,  in order to enhance their abilities of innovation. Through making design research as the driven force, promotes the position and leadership of industrial design in manufacturing enterprises by the driven of design research.
LOE DESIGN, founded by Mr. Yang and partners in 1995, has became a top design consultancy providing design research, design planning and design service. As one of the most large-scale and energetic industrial design companies in Shanghai, LOE DESIGN awarded “TOP 10 Best Design Corporation for Industrial Design”. LOE DESIGN provides design consultant service to global manufacturing enterprises, including Intel, Panasonic, Phillips, etc. They also establish a close cooperative relationship between product design and product development for dozens of local enterprises, such as Huawei, Haier, Media, etc."