Xwin Xwin

Y's Concept Limited

Shuk Ping Lee 李淑萍, Ka Wai Luk 陸嘉慧, Chun Kit Yiu 姚俊傑

This series is designed by Speed Mural Art. The graphics from the murals are transformed and printed on the surface of the switch. The switch can be matched with the corresponding mural bringing a unique style to the home.

We try to integrate mural and functions together. A simple graphic design printed on the light switch, for example, pattern of ceiling light, wall light etc can help people to distinguish their functions. Our team has designed 3 series of patterns, Geometric Space, Girl's Temptation and Circus Design which widely uses at residence, hotel, nursing home etc. The pattern help the elderly, children, people with cognitive impairment to identify the functional design of the switch.