Product Name:
Bacteria Cleaner Key Chain

Applicant Company:
Good Season Creation Limited

Home & HouseWare

Product Group:
Wellness & Personal Care

Designer: Mak Wing Yan 麥頴欣, Mak Sai Chi 麥世枝

Tech Award

More Detail

No water is required to clean up bacteria and virus on hands through rubbing, able to kill 99.99% bacteria.

1。HK is attacking by bacteria or virus every year during Spring and Winter time.
2 。Bacteria and virus are mostly transmitted through hands, especially for children.
3 。The best way is to keep our hands clean without polluted by bacteria or virus.
4。By using silver ion, it creates a contact killing coating on “bacteria cleaning key chain” surface.
5。Cleaning our hands bacteria or virus at any time without any cleaning agent, alcohol or water water.

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