Product Name:
Travel Mahjong City

Applicant Company:
Kanghong Digital Image (HK) Ltd


Product Group:
Occasional & Festival

Designer: CONNIE Siu Yuen-Wah 蕭琬璍, KAREN Cheung Hoi-Yan 張凱欣, MAGGIE Cheung Man-Kei 張敏基

Judge Award

“Mahjong Travel City” has preserved traditional Hong Kong hand-carved mahjong tile skill
while presenting a new generation of talents as a unique Hong Kong

-Mahjong, a social game also known as “Breaking the Walls”, has a long history in Chinese culture bringing much happiness to family gathering.
-We aim to combine authentic Hong Kong Mahjong hand-carved tiles and creative illustration with advanced digital printing technology to feature the fascinating local culture and enchanting landscapes of the city.
-Together with local illustrator Karen, who witnessed the development of the hand-carved Mahjong tile industry through her family's business since 1950s, a new brand of Mahjong tiles called‘Travel Mahjong City’ is born in Hong Kong.


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