Product Name:
Love Swans

Applicant Company:
Candle Alchemy


Product Group:
Occasional & Festival

Designer: Sonia Yuen 袁秀美, Po Ching Kwok 郭寶貞, Ivy Tsoi 蔡嘉茵


More Detail

-100% handmade art candles
decorative art in wax
-home decor that casts captivating shadows and warm light without having to burn it.

-Inspired by the campaign called "Love without Boundaries", that love doesn’t discriminate and pays no attention to any society rules regardless of race, age, gender or religion.
-coupled with handmade leather roses, adding romantic touch to one’s home
-Environmental protection for which it offers the option to use LED lights so customers can enjoy the captivating shadows of the arts in wax without any need of burning it.
-100% handcrafted in HK

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