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4M Industrial Development Limited


1. Code-A-Maze offers an intuitive and tangible approach for kids to learn coding.
2. It develops kids' cognitive capacities by introducing the direction, spatial and counting concepts through the playing process.

1. Design concept:
In our modern digital world where computing technologies operate almost every aspect of our daily lives, coding is the technical language that gives kids an early advantage in life. Code-A-Maze is a foundation tool that leads and inspires young kids to adventure into the world of coding.

2. Special features:
(a.) Code-A-Maze teaches coding regardless of reading ability. The specially designed patented Snap-To-Code cards are used to program sequences, input commands and move the robot across the maze. The process intuitively develops computational thinking without a computer.
(b.) The included maze mats develop concepts of counting, direction and spatial perception. Using the grids on the maze mats, kids can direct a robot to move in precise distances without physical measurement.

3. Patent:
The self-rotating technology which is granted a patent makes the robot always turns and faces the front no matter which direction it moves in.