Product Name:
Tote in Tube

Applicant Company:
QiSE Eco Lifestyle Co. Ltd


Product Group:
Personal Accessories

Designer: Ting Jun LO 盧定進, Manqi LIU 劉漫琦


More Detail

- Tote bag for casual occasions
- Self-assembly possible, which may open up infinite possibilities

- A bag that is simple, neat, strong yet practical for everyday use
- The thread can be changed to other colours or threading styles, to pair with different outfits.
- Texture and durability of milled leather, the bag is only 1/3 of weight compared to leather bags
- All vegan materials, Peta vegan certified, and even up-cycled T-shirt waste to assemble the bag
- In the end, the bag can be recycled as paper, or biodegraded on earth environment.

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