Product Name:
Cuboxity Collection

Applicant Company:
Guang Li Paper Products Ltd.

Toys & Baby

Product Group:
Infant & Pre-school Toys

Designer: Sean CHAN 陳家倫, Noicle AU YEUNG 歐陽詠詩


More Detail

1.) Trains Kid's concentration, self-expression and color recognition, and train hand-eye coordination, muscles and also stimulate creativity by coloring;
2.) Let kids to assemble following instruction;
3.) Vary kind of tiled city's facilities allow children free to plan and build their own city together.
4.) Learn to love your home by building a city together.
5.) Learns interpersonal relationship, communication skill and cooperation through connecting each Cuboxity as a city.
6.) Promotes Environmental protection by ECO-friendly toys;

1.) The design concept comes from SimCity.
2.) Easy to assemble, no glue needed;
3.) Each building – “Cubox” has a uniform-sized base that allows the models to be stitched together becomes a little city;
4.) 100% made of recycled paper ;

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