Product Name:
Beam-Ambient Lighting

Applicant Company:
Artop Group (HK) Limited

Home & HouseWare

Product Group:
Living & Home Decor

Designer: Will CHEN 陳漢良, Cher CHAN 陳春雪, Monica ZHANG 張繼萍


More Detail

With understated lines to shape the slim and simple outline, which matching to any style simple but elegant. Like a stage casted by spotlight. It can cover any small objects, wipe off all redundant decoration, and perfect integrate with table top.

The ambient lighting adopts extremely pure high borosilicate glass material, removes redundant colors and decorates the pure texture of light with simple space design. Using the form of the lampshade to form the visible light spot, giving it the ultimate feeling and can be integrated into any space. In line with the trends of young people in pursuit of different experiences, it also injects a light and interesting atmosphere into their daily life.

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