Product Name:
Power Blaster (Infrared Battle Game)

Applicant Company:
TAT KEI Electronic Industrial Company Limited

Toys & Baby

Product Group:
Electronic/Tech Toys

Designer: carlos LO 盧皓熙

Judge Award

More Detail

Using a unique LED Heads Up Display (HUD) you can keep track of your statistics and get ahead in the game with the incredible Power Blaster rifle.
With smoke-like water vapor emission, the Power Blaster vest brings gaming back to reality. Synchronization with your gun provides you with real-time statistics unlike any other laser tag kit, instantly transporting you into battle.

Prepare for your next mission with the Power Blaster tactical laser kit. Ideal for gamers looking for competition in an immersive, top line experience, the Power Blaster combines accuracy, action-packed effects, and a modern user experience, making it the perfect pick-up-and-go laser tag kit.

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