Product Name:
MAGCON - A mini compass and protractor combo

Applicant Company:
Ddiin Concept Ltd.


Product Group:

Designer: Pik Shan LEE 李碧珊


Magcon is a reinventing design for conventional compass and protractor.
It doesn't poke holes through the paper as it has no sharp point, and yet is still stable enough to not move around.

* The traditional compass has a spike that can poke a hole on paper after drawing a circle.
* Magcon won't perforate the paper/ leather after drawing circles or patterns.
* Three attachable wings that could fulfill various functions and diameter.
* A short wing, a long straight wing, and a mini curved wing.
* It also doubles as a ruler, which enables you to draw straight lines, curved lines, angles, arcs, ellipses, hexagons, and beautiful arcs.
* From radius 16mm to 130mm (holes are spaced at 4mm increments).
* There is a mini nano sticker under the base which can stay stable on the paper.
* The nano sticker is washable and replaceable. Spare Stickers included in the packaging.
* Tall base for rest a pen on the desk, the small base is small enough to carry everywhere.
* The wings made by Aerospace Aluminium or Stainless Steel.
* The bases made by Stainless Steel that are strong enough and tough.


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